rear sliding floor

draw extended with slideout table

Some organised storage was needed in the rear of the Wrangler for fridge access as well as a shelf to maximize the space to throw soft items like jackets etc. I wanted to keep the whole project as light as possible & not go down the route of a 10 or 12mm ply carcass with 10mm ply draws. I decided a slideout floor would be the way to go & build a removable two draw frame next to the fridge using aluminium RHS & QUBELOK then cover the outside in 3mm ply & carpet. 

There is no room under the bonnet for an auxiliary battery so this gave me the opportunity to use the toolbox to locate a slimline 80 amp hour AGM battery to power the fridge. The battery could also be used as a backup starter as a safety net in the remote campsites we camp in & still give me access to the battery if needed by simply sliding the floor out. 

Locking 711mm long heavy duty draw sliders that opened to full length & rated at 277kg were bought from for a very reasonable price. Using 40x6mm steel flatbar I fabricated brackets to suit the existing tie down points. Longer bolts were needed to through the brackets into the floor. I made a base for the sliding floor using 40x40x3mm steel angle & 10mm ply as the floor. So the 40 litre Engel fridge would not slide around when off road I cut holes in the floor for the feet & also under the motor area so cool air could be drawn in by the fridge fan.

I cut new carpet for the floor area purchased from Clarke Rubber & also to cover the slide for a professional appearance. Always handy is a table to make morning tea or lunch on when out on a day trip without the camper so I picked up a laminex off cut from a kitchen maker & glued it to the 10mm ply table.



rear tub with sliders positioned righthand sliders & brackets lefthand sliders & brackets



 sliders extended  angle frame located angle frame extended



ply base slimline 80 amp hour AGM battery new carpet on floor



fridge fitted extended slide out table


Next job was a shelf over the fridge to maximize space in the rear for lightweight items like jackets etc. It sits 50mm above the fridge to allow plenty of air flow. 

I constructed a 10mm ply tray with a 50x10mm surround to stop gear falling off easy & glued carpet on to match the slide out draw.

The hardest part was nutting out suitable points to bolt the shelf to so it appeared to be floating above the fridge. I ended up making square steel tubing brackets off the soft top pivot point on the roll cage & one of the hardtop securing bolts.

After a couple of trips we have found the shelf is the perfect place for our pillows, a couple of Anderson 12volt extension cables & LED strip lights, where they are easy accessible.

brackets shelf in position room to open the fridge
  on the trail