It is recommended if you are travelling into the remoter areas of Australia that you carry a range of tools & spares as a safety kit so repairs can be made on the track & you can proceed into the nearest town to get full repairs.


    Most have the same wheel/tyre combination on both vehicle & camper trailer so two complete spares are interchangeable. Part of the safety kit should include a well kitted out tyre repair kit.


    You will find below a list of what we have in our tyre repair kit which we carry in our tools & spares locker of our Track Trailer Eagle.






1 bead breaker Tyre Pliers for breaking the bead
2 tyre levers  two are handy, three are even handier
3 ratchet strap for wrapping around tyres circumference if bead doesn't pop back on
4 hole repair kit handy Safety Seal hole repair kit. No need to take tyre off.
5 rubber mallet for hitting the tyre back over rim
6 glue for gluing patches
7 methylated spirits for cleaning tyre before gluing
8 patches an assortment of patches
9 valve tool for tyre valve removal
10 valve stems an assortment of valve stems
11 emery roughing tyre before gluing
12 roller firming patch in place
13 air pump 12 volt pump for pumping tyre back up
14 chalk for marking position of valve on tyre
15 detergent for finding leak
16 jacking base plate for jacking in soft ground
17 tyre gauge correct pressure
18 tube if tubeless tyre is not fixable
19 ground sheet for working on & keeping everything clean



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