Rob & Carol's Polblue camping week
on Barrington Tops May 2011









first trip in the new Jeep


ODE to Polblue

To Barrington tops for the weekend we went.
To meet up with Rob & Caz and friends
The weather was cold fires and cuddles lots not just a few
We met lots of people and Rob’s Jeep shiny and new

We sat round the fire to get warm that first night
The group - it got such a terrible fright
Young Rob his Camo’s - he did drop
His BUBBLE BEE long johns caused eyes to pop!

We asked him nice
Not too abrupt
Thank god for us
The Camo’s he pulled back up

The next day we went on a four wheel drive
To see the sites and be glad we’re alive.
We followed the Jeep being driven by Rob
But alas it got scared we came to a Bog

So the nice shiny Jeep all new and white
It turned straight around and took off with a fright.
Rob n Caz knew they had friend quite a few
From the banter and comments on the CB that came through

We all followed Rob down the very next track
And Lo and Behold to the bog we were back
So with ALL his friends and all his Mates
He plucked up the courage went through and to the SECOND DINGO GATE!!

The evening fire was nice warm and bliss
But Rob went to bed early his person we did miss
Some thought it was cold that took him awa
But then we realised it was Jeep Dipping Trauma from the Day!

The Maggies and Kooka’s were there all about.
They came for our food and sometimes campers they took out
They stole our brekkie and even some meat
But thank The good Lord they didn’t touch the Jeep

So off we went home some had to get back
We left behind some good friends on the track
As I said my good night and tucked into my bed
I smiled and thought of the next fun meet ahead.